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November 2011 CMMCJH Update

Mission Statement of the Christian Medical Ministry to Cambodia / Jeremiah’s Hope: CMMCJH is a non denominational, international, Christian mission dedicated to providing excellent medical care to the poor, and quality medical education to the healthcare community of Cambodia.

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Dear Friends and Supporters: Our loving and gracious Heavenly Father has blessed us greatly since we began our ministry and we want to give you an important summary update. We will continue to give these updates in hard copy because only a hand full of our friends and supporters were able to provide us with their e-mail when last requested.


We are absolutely delighted to provide this summary update and inform you of how our Lord has blessed us through your prayer and support! Your prayers and support have enabled us to establish two state of the art operating suites in our own two floor medical clinic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


We formed a partnership with Hope World Wide Hospital, and the location of our surgical suites is directly across the street from this hospital. Our Lord has a sense of humor, as these two floors were previously part of a gambling and prostitution establishment. The first picture of the enclosed brochure shows surgery taking place in one of our new state of the art surgical suites.


We have been able to help educate, and employ three Cambodian physicians, ten nurses, and one administrator for this facility. Through our Cambodian staff, our mission can therefore continue to be accomplished even when we do not have one of our teams from the United States in Cambodia.


In addition to the above, among other goals, as of January 2012 we will have:

  • Sent 25 medical teams to Cambodia which consist of a total of 371 medical professionals.
  • Almost 100% of these medical professionals are from the U.S.A. and include the very best that the United States has to offer.
  • Almost all have been surgical teams.
  • All hand carried important medical supplies and equipment to Cambodia.
  • Provided over 1500 patient consults.
  • Provided 389 surgical procedures. (76 of these procedures have been open heart surgeries.)

    With the wonderful assistance of Project Cure, we have sent six 40 foot containers of medical supplies and equipment to Cambodia worth over a million dollars.

    The commitment of individuals serving our mission is amazing. No board member receives a single penny of compensation but 100% of the board members have donated thousands. Physicians that travel from the United States to Cambodia pay 100% of their expenses. On top of that, some of these dedicated physicians pay for their medical staff to join them. We do always try to pay for some of the expenses of our nurses who go to Cambodia. Among other things, almost all of our nurses and doctors have to give up two weeks of vacation that they have earned in order to participate.


    However, even with all these volunteers, our medical and operating expenses in Cambodia are high. We are so very very greatful for your past donations! If you should wish to donate on line, per the request of some of our supporters, we have established Pay Pal on our web site. Our web site is:


    Please contribute if you are able, and please please continue to pray for us. We are all simply trying to accomplish what the Lord wants to do. Your prayers really help us figure out the Lord’s goals for our mission. Thank you so very much, and may our Lord and Savior bless us all.[/dt_sc_blockquote]