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November 2010 CMMCJH Update

Mission Statement for Christian Medical Ministry to Cambodia / Jeremiah’s Hope:
Christian Medical Ministry to Cambodia/Jeremiah’s Hope is a nondenominational, international, Christian mission dedicated to providing excellent medical care to the poor and quality medical education to the healthcare community of Cambodia.

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A new era has dawned at CMMC/Jeremiah’s Hope! Our good and loving God has led us to the opening our two operating suites within our own medical clinic in the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


The conception of a CMMC/Jeremiah’s Hope medical clinic began two years ago with the closing of the Preah Ket Mealea Hospital where our previous operating rooms had been located. With God’s guidance and love, the Jeremiah’s Hope team persisted through the trials and tribulations of finding a new operating room venue and through the planning stages for the new clinic. Through these stages an opportunity presented itself to work in conjunction with The Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope. The Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope is a Christian motivated charity hospital in Phnom Penh that has served over a million of the poorest Cambodian patients over the past thirteen years. The strength of the two organizations working together, yet independently, has led to the construction of a CMMC/Jeremiah’s Hope medical clinic/surgery center that can serve the Cambodian people under the Banner of and in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. By working together with the Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope we will not have to duplicate clinical and administrative services including accounting, pharmacy, laboratory services, hospital support and radiology/imaging services including a new CT scanner located on the first floor of our clinic.


The construction for the clinic began only 6 months ago. The team on the ground in Cambodia is to be commended for their hard work and commitment. Our new facility has a medical clinic and two operating suites spread over two floors of what was once a hotel and casino. The new clinic provides a stable environment for our medical/nursing staff and visiting teams to better serve the Cambodian people. It will also function as a clinic to be staffed by our Cambodian physicians and nurses throughout the year. For His glory, the clinic will be a sustainable resource for our Khmer staff, our visiting teams, and the Cambodian people to serve God by caring for each other.


A CMMC/Jeremiah’s Hope team arrived in Cambodia October 3, 2010 with the mission to have the clinic up and ready to fully function for the first surgical team which arrived October 10. Our first visit to the new facility was filled with emotions of great gratitude, excitement and yes, a lot of overwhelming work for us! However, with the leadership of Dr. Daniel Smith (, the eagerness to work hard of the Khmer staff, and God’s ever present love, the work was completed and the goal accomplished. Each day gets more exciting than the one before as we continue to move into the beautiful new clinic. We are, however, constantly reminded of the great needs of our Cambodian brothers and sisters. We need only to pause in our quest and look out the windows of the clinic. In these moments, we must not be overwhelmed by the work to be done here but be grateful for all that God has provided us as we go to serve others in His name. We are forever grateful for this privilege and opportunity to serve. Our new clinic opened in October of 2010 when our General Surgical/ENT team led by Dr. Steven Kim performed 18 general surgical/ENT procedures. Each team member was changed by the experience, as well as our patients and staff. Medical Mission work is all about relationships. It’s about changing lives, giving hope and encouragement to the hopeless, all to the Lord’s Glory. Many of our patients, medical student translators, staff and volunteers have come to faith in the Lord through the fruitfulness of the Holy Spirit working through the CMMCJH.


We have hired and trained twelve Cambodian nurses who will work with our visiting medical teams. When there are no visiting teams, they will continue to serve and receive training at the Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope. Our board member Gabi Stevens, RN ( is our Director of Nursing and Nursing Education. We have hired a full time clinic administrator, Hok Sotia, administrative assistant (Chhim Uykunnary, AKA Nary) and three Cambodian physicians: Dr. Sim Sokchan (Neurosurgery) and Dr. Hok Tola (Neurology) are our Clinic directors and Dr. Ti Sopheak (Cardiothoracic Surgery) supervises our cardiac patients.


Our goal is to have twelve visiting medical/surgical team annually, one each month for two weeks. For the past two calendar years we have sent four teams each year. We are hopeful that in the near future we can send two separate cardiac medical/surgical teams, two general surgical teams, two gynecologic surgical teams, a neurosurgical team, an orthopedic team and an ENT team.


We are asking our supportive friends and family to continue to pray with us for these plans. We need financial support to pay for our new clinic, pay for our Cambodian staff of physicians and nurses and administrative staff, pay for the surgical procedures that are performed by our visiting medical/surgical teams and pay for the ongoing medication needs, diagnostic testing, laboratory testing that goes along with the care of our patients.


We are asking for those physicians and nurses who have come with us to Cambodia to help us spread the message of Jeremiah’s Hope and encourage other health care workers from across the United States and world to come to Cambodia to see what the Good Lord has planned.


Jeremiah 29: 11-13 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”


Please consider partnering with us on this plan of the Lord:

  • Helping pay for our Cambodian administrative staff expenses.
  • Helping pay for our Cambodian staff of twelve nurses and three physicians.
  • Helping pay our on- going clinic rent and utilities.
  • Helping pay for the ongoing medication expenses for those with chronic medical disorders.


    All these expenses are currently running about $12,000 per month.

  • Helping pay for our surgical procedures (It costs CMMCJH $2,000/open heart surgery/case and $500/cardiac catheterization or pacemaker).
  • Pay for the expenses to bring some patients to the United States for specialized care.
  • Pay for scholarships for some of our nursing or technical needs (echocardiography technicians).
  • Pray for the leadership of our board, Cambodian staff and our patients.
  • Get involved with our fund raising and administrative needs using your special talents and gifts.


    We need all of God’s people, who have been called to help with His plan in Cambodia to join us.


    Please send your donations to:
    Christian Medical Ministry to Cambodia/Jeremiah’s Hope (CMMCJH)
    1685 South Colorado Blvd, Unit S, Box 313
    Denver, Colorado, 80222


    or Donate Online Now


    To keep our expenses low for future letters of support and updates, please send your email address to David P. Sorenson, PhD, our CMMCJH Board Secretary


    We send these requests and greetings in Christ’s Name, On Behalf of our board of directors.[/dt_sc_blockquote]

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