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Jena Humer, RN

Jena Humer is registered nurse in the intensive care unit and cardiac cath/electrophysiology lab at Porter Adventist Hospital where she has worked the past ten years. Prior to finding her true passion of helping others she earned a degree in business administration and spent six years in the corporate America before earning her nursing degree.  She has been on 19 medical missions throughout the world including Cambodia, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Mexico Peru and Panama. She has served as a coordinator and leader on eight of those missions. She is a member of Denver Community Church where she is a missions leader for annual trips to Haiti that focus on educating local medical staff while providing basic medical care for the undeserved. She volunteers as the nursing supervisor and coordinator with Operation Walk Denver, a non-profit organization providing orthopedic surgery for those suffering from debilitating joint disease on biannual trips to developing countries in Central and South America. She is looking forward to joining Jeremiah’s Hope on her third trip to Cambodia in January. If medical mission trips paid the bills it would be her dream job to work with the undeserved around the world. She is grateful to have a job that allows her time to give back and do what she loves. In her free time she enjoys running ultra marathons and traveling the world with her husband.