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Chan Sokunthea
Nursing Staff

Chan Sokunthea (Kunthea) – Nurse


  • Since February-2013

Love about JH

  • I am satisfied with the mission and vision of JH to all staff and especially
    to the patient.
  • Though I am not a christian yet, I know God loves us and wants to guide
    us in a good way.

Time off work

  • Watch science movie and cartoon
  • Read English literature
  • Play and teach my little

Fun Fact

  • I like discussing about daily life problems with people around me. My
    family and my friends always need me to share feeling or crisis when
    they are in bad problem solving. You will think it is not fun because I need
    to listen their problems. But I think it is fun because I can make them
    laugh, happy and help them to release stress.